Our Values

We have established a philosophy of care to demonstrate our commitment to delivering an assured high quality standard of care. A full copy is available on request. Red Rocks generally cares for elderly people, helping them achieve their goals in life and to this end we have four main objectives:

  • To provide an atmosphere of independence and choice in which residents can retain or recover confidence in themselves and their ability;
  • In recognising the difficulties faced by residents we can help, by providing them with support to make this not "just something to bear", but an enjoyable time in their lives;
  • The ongoing training of all staff and strong management controls ensure an optimum level of care is provided to all our residents;
  • The assessment and evaluation of each resident’s circumstances and health on a regular basis is a key element in administering individualised and appropriate care.

These objectives are fulfilled by carefully considering the needs and wishes of residents and their relatives. Red Rocks has created a professional atmosphere that is combined with home living to give a sense of reassurance and ease.