Financial Information

For us, it's not just about value for money - each and every one of us is a Dignity Champion.


In addition to the state pension, most people will also qualify for Attendance Allowance, a non means tested benefit, currently paid at a rate of up to £82.30 per week. We will be more than happy to request a claim form and handle your claim from start to finish or submit a review if you are already in receipt of the lower rate.

Everyone is also entitled to be assessed for the element of their "nursing care" to be funded under the provisions of the NHS Funded Nursing Care (FNC). Essentially this means a further non means tested award could be made to you amounting to £156.25 per week (under review), assuming you are deemed to require "nursing care".

If, however, your needs are greater and your care is more complicated then you may instead qualify for NHS Continuing Health Care (CHC). which will cover ALL the costs of your basic nursing care, but please be aware that separate, voluntary supplementary charges may be charged for additional non-inclusive services.

Further information regarding Funded Nursing Care and NHS Continuing Health Care can be found at: Once again, we will automatically deal with your application and claim from start to finish.


Fees are quoted per week but are charged calendar monthly in advance by standing order. They are based on a 365 day year. With the possible exception of an emergency admission, you will receive full details together with our Terms & Conditions before your arrival. Fees include accommodation, full board, laundry and nursing care. The only additional chargable items would be newspapers, hairdressing, dry cleaning, private healthcare and the provision of any equipment or services not provided by the NHS or other relevant body.

We will be happy to supply our current Terms on request -

Whilst our fee range may be broad, the specific fee quoted will be personal to you and your precise and detailed care needs. We will notify you of the actual fee to be charged after we have undertaken a thorough pre-admission assessment meeting.

The standard of normal care and cleanliness remains the same throughout the home and we are more than happy to offer anyone first refusal in choosing another room when one becomes available.